Abstract Translations – Words of Art

All levels welcome

Starts on Thu Aug 1, 2019



Create vibrant and emotive paintings by exploring the feelings and thoughts you experience within today’s world, as well as future projections. Use colours and forms to evoke a translation from your words to art.

About the Course
The course I deliver contains aspects that develop creativity and imagination by beginning with the basic elements of art.
Throughout the 8 weeks we discover a new artist each week, we develop a routine for artistically "limbering" up and explore the colour wheel and colour mixing and how that relationship drives our work.
We explore technique, experimentation and improvisation.

What you need to bring
Primary colour paint ie red, yellow, blue and white. Either acrylic or oil.
Sketch book, charcoal and soft pencils.
Assorted brushes plus one large for background painting.
Stretched canvas, size of your choice.


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Email: tresillian@nedlands.wa.gov.au


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