Colour Theory and Practice Basics

All levels welcome

Starts on Thu Aug 1, 2019



Develop a better understanding of the behaviour of colour through experience, practical observation and experiment.

About the Course
The aim of this workshop is to develop an understanding of the behaviour of
colour through experience, through practical observation and experiment.
Through practical exercises artists will learn how to relate the intense colours of manufactured paints to the colours of the world which they wish to portray, and how to relate the colours to each other on the painting surface. Students can choose any medium they are familiar with.

What you need to bring Materials:
A/3 sketch book.
Painting support, selection of brushes, glue stick, rag or paper towel
Pigments paint colours (any medium):
White, warm red, cold red, warm yellow, lemon yellow, Ultramarine, Paynes Gray/Prussian Blue, brown (like sienna, umber or Indian red) medium or fixative for dry pigment


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