Creating with Multiple Media

All levels welcome

Starts on Thu Aug 1, 2019



Have fun experimenting with oils, acrylics, pastels or watercolour. Explore exciting techniques with an array of subject matter. Work with your medium of choice or expand your artistic toolbox.

About the Course
There will be a different subject matter each week to structure the course for the beginners. They will be guided through, to develop their skills in their chosen medium. The ongoing and established artists will have a chance to experiment, meet new challenges and realise your strengths and potential, beit in realistic or abstract genre or any other styles.

What you need to bring
Bring whatever materials you might have at home depending on what medium you use.
Selection of bristle (hog hair) brushes including a large & medium Filbert brush.
For OILS or ACRYLICS any tubes of a good quality brand of the following colours to start:
Crimson; Ultramarine Blue; Lemon yellow; Raw Sienna; Burnt Sienna; Burnt Umber;
Pthalo Blue; White;
Disposable or any other palette to hold the paint.
OILS: Odourless Solvent is a necessity. Linseed oil or other additional mediums are optional.
ACRYLICS: Additional mixing mediums like heavy gel are optional.
Rags; jars; willow charcoal; notebook etc.
Canvas in pads, on board or stretched
Soft pastels: A box of basic colours of reasonable quality or individual sticks:
Rembrandt, Art Spectrum or Smincke.
Red; blue; yellow; rust; brown; white; cream; turquoise; purple etc. plus any other colours that attract you.
A thin stick of willow charcoal ;tissues; eraser; Pastel pencils can be purchased if prefer red.
Or colourfix paper
Mi teintes pastel paper( large): One sheet cream and one sheet blue grey and any other colour of your choice.
Cartridge paper.


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