Drawing the Right Way

All levels welcome

Starts on Thu Aug 1, 2019



Master the real skills of drawing. Easily see what you want to create with the artist’s eye. Unlock your brain from drawing stereotypes so you can draw with confidence and ease.

About the Course
Most people believe they can't draw, this course will prove to you that you can!
In this 8 week course, you will master the real skills of drawing. Easily see with
the artists' eye what you want to create. It will effectively unlock your brain from drawing stereotypes and have you drawing with confidence and ease.
We will look at how we use the right side of the brain to effectively see and
therefore draw with authenticity and confidence. We unlock why you are stuck in drawing stereotypes and how to move past it. The various elements of drawing will gel together like a jigsaw puzzle, as we focus on line, tone, perspective, negative space, emotions, and facial proportions.

What you need to bring
A4 writing exercise book and pen
A3 drawing cartridge paper pad
Selection of lead pencils H, B and 2B 4B 6B
Compressed charcoal drawing sticks or charcoal pencils
Rubber and kneadable rubber ruler


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