Paint with Pastels

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Starts on Thu Aug 1, 2019



Create colourful artworks on paper using pastels in a fun and supportive environment. Later in the course we will experiment with layers of interest using paint.

About the Course
In this beginner/intermediate class we will be using using a mix of soft and hard pastels on a variety of different papers and surfaces. We will explore a number of techniques with pastel including underpainting to colour the paper with watercolour. The use of watercolour as an underpainting technique will be explored in depth. The contrast between simplicity and detail as a composition tool will be explored. Some images will be supplied, and the first week we will all work from the same image. Bring along your own images as well and you will be shown techniques to re-create the image using this beautiful expressive medium.

What you need to bring
Colourfix paper in white or Canson Tex (Touch)
paper (Jacksons or Oxlades) (Colours ok)

A set of Mungyo 36 or 48 half sticks is a good start. Also if you have them a
good range of colours in soft pastels (Art Spectrum or Rembrandt)

Watercolours if you have them,student or school set ok, and a flat brush suitable for washes. Pastel pencils one dark and one white. (suggest Pitt 181 blue, 173 green or a terracotta)
Willow Charcoal thick and thin (optional)
1 kneadable eraser (Faber Castell)
Rag and baby wipes
Masking tape or bulldog clips


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