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Opening Event Tonight - Friday 30 July 6pm

All Welcome

Resonant Light transforms the mundane of everyday spaces into dream-like urban visualisations. The exhibition is characterised by the multidimensional nature of the spaces we live in, where light determines our perception of the shapes that undulate around us each and every day. Sue’s approach to watercolour capitalises on the fluidity and unpredictability of the medium within the partially defined boundaries of realism.

Sue Hibbert with 'Café Silhouettes'

About the Artist:

Internationally exhibited and multi award-winning artist Sue Hibbert examines the urban condition through inventive watercolour media. Hibbert subverts traditional impressionism in the urban context, offering fragmented shards of form and image which, according to the art critic Ted Snell, exhibits a “brevity and bravura … depict(ing) the movement of light and dynamism”.

Published both internationally and nationally, Hibbert’s practice has been featured in five solo exhibitions in the last decade and 30 select and curated group shows across Australia and in Italy, including the prestigious AIA International Watercolour Exhibitions in Alessandria, Menaggio and Maccagno.

In addition to her own practice, she is a passionate and sought-after educator, facilitating teaching in watercolour and plein air methods.

Sue is both a teacher and studio artist at Tresillian Arts Centre.

Exhibition continues until 20 August

Gallery Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

Sunday 8 & 15 August 1- 3pm



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