T2 Semi-Abstract Acrylic Painting

All levels welcome - with Naomi Grant

  • Starts May 7
  • 280 Australian dollars
  • Craft room

Course Description

Explore your creativity and allow yourself freedom to experiment with acrylic and collage. Palette knife, modelling compounds and pouring techniques will also be explored. Go beyond the realms of basic painting! About the Tutor Naomi is a multi award winning Contemporary Indigenous Australian Artist, a descendant of the Wiradjuri people of Central New South Wales. About the Course Explore your creativity and allow yourself the freedom to experiment with Acrylic and collage. This class will allow you to move beyond the realms of basic painting by learning how to use layers of coloured tissue paper and paint to create depth and texture. Palette knife, modelling compounds and pouring techniques will also be explored. What you need to bring Some photo references of scenes/ideas you might want to paint. Drawing utensils: Soft pencils (B, 2B) and/or soft charcoal, or a conte crayon A diary note book if you wish to take notes Drawing pad if you like to sketch out ideas first Acrylic paint: A selection of colours that you like. The following colours are optional but good to have, as not so easy to mix the intensity of colour that they give: Dioxine purple, Tinting white, Titanium white Magenta Turquoise Bright orange Permanent green light Red Black Blue Black Green Black Mediums: Atelier heavy gel gloss (make sure you get this one as it is needed for the collage work). If you can't purchase it, it will be available to buy in class Acrylic gloss medium Acrylic medium retarder Acrylic clear painting medium Brushes: A selection of reasonable quality paint brushes. Include a bristle brush about 1" to use with gel medium (make this a cheap brush as it will get ruined with medium) Palette knives (essential): A few, long blade with pointy as well as round ends Support materials: Sponge for wiping down your table after class Large sheet of plastic to cover floor or table Masking tape and blu tac Water jars, spray bottle, old rags, paper towels Palette or plastic lids to mix paint on (flat surface, not small compartment palettes) Colour wheel Canvasses: 3 - 4 canvasses (stretched), whatever size appeals to you and is practical to tansport. A mix of square and rectangular will give you options. Tissue paper (also known as Mulberry paper): Available in class at approximately $4 - $6 per sheet, depending on the type you buy. You may need 6 -10 sheets of your chosen colours. Course Materials Around $30 - $50 if you purchase any mulberry paper in class.

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A 20% administration fee applies to cancellations made before the beginning of term. No refund will be given once the term has started. Classes are not held on public holidays. Course start and finishing dates may vary due to public holidays and availability of the course tutor. A full refund will only be given if a course is canceled by the Tresillian Arts Centre. A refund will only be given if you have a medical certificate for the dates you have missed. No pro-rata payments are available for term courses or if classes are unattended by the student.


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