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Mitzi Smith

Mixed Media

Mitzi is an award winning artist that uses an array of Mixed Media in her classes. "FORMAL STUDIES: Four year Diploma of Art at Royal Melbourne Art Institute. Further study in London, was followed by post graduate and advanced studio studies in Canada and Perth. General work career included advertising, graphics & design, plus magazine, children’s books & fashion illustration. However over the last 2 decades I have concentrated entirely on ceramics, illustration and fine art resulting in many mixed exhibitions including four solo exhibitions. I have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of a series of art awards throughout my career, here and overseas. The awards cover the full range of my work from Poster Design, Advertising & Promotional Illustrations, too many merit and highly recommended awards in fine arts. Also outright winner of the Canning prize for oils, Atwell prize for mixed media and the Royal Agriculture Show in recent years."

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