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Shupiwe Chongwe


Shupiwe Chongwe is a Walyalup (Fremantle) raised ceramicist focusing on creating unique pieces that speak to her love of nature and strong family connection to ceramics. Shupiwe's journey with ceramics started at a young age.
Growing up surrounded by the art of her ceramicist father, Shupiwe was inspired to also explore the world of ceramics. Her family connection to ceramics dates back even further, to her great, great grandmother who was a practising potter in Zambia.
Shupiwe began experimenting with ceramics under the direction of her father, later moving on to study at North Metropolitan TAFE (Perth, WA) whilst continuing her own practice from her home studio.
Shupiwe mainly practices with stoneware clays producing sculptural forms as well as functional art for the home. She experiments with Raku firing, employing traditional techniques to produce erratic, unique patterns on ceramic forms.

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