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Summer 2023 
Exhibition Schedule

Visit Tresillian Arts Centre to view our feature exhibition

Colour and Light  
10 – 31 March
Four artists expressing a shared love of the natural world in various genres:  
Kirsten Hocking, Alex Kyriakacis, Suzanne Lawson,  Anita Shortland

Earth Stories
5 - 26 May
Solo exhibition by Irene Osborne: West Australian Landscape painting that tells a story of the Earth

2 - 23 June
Solo exhibition by Pamela Walter exploring the extinction and conservation of flora and fauna in the unique Australian bush



Colours and Light 

Colour and Light
Colour and Light Final Invite (jpeg).jpg

Kirsten Hocking
Suzanne Lawson

Alex Kyriakacis
Anita Shortland

Colour & Light

Exhibition Dates: 10 - 31 March

Exhibition Opening: Friday 10 March 6pm

Preview: 7 - 10 March


Four WA artists with distinctive painting styles have come together through their shared love of colour and light.

Hocking and Lawson are realist oil painters, inspired by the techniques of the Old Masters and their attention to light. While Lawson’s use of colour is striking, her figurative work has a stillness that is echoed in Hocking’s delicate still life paintings. By contrast, Kyriakacis and Shortland use energetic brushwork and expressive marks to capture the light and mood of a subject.

Earth Stories
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