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A Warm Thankyou!

Tresillian Arts Centre received a lovely letter of thanks from Joondalup Health Campus for the hand drawn cards they received in May. The Paint-a-Card-a-Day Challenge initiated by TAC Studio Artist, Sue Hibbert, was a wonderful project to show support to Perth Health Care Wokers.

Words of appreciation from Joondalup Health Campus:

"The cards were distributed to the ward looking after Covid patients, the intensive care unit and also the team in the Covid Clinic. These amazing cards thanked us all for our efforts during the Covid Period. We were so grateful to receive them and the thought and effort that had gone into creating them was very touching."

"Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the students of Tresillian Arts Centre for thinking of us during this period and let them know their wonderful works of arts were all distributed to the very appreciative staff."

Once more a huge congratulations and thank you to Sue Hibbert, TAC students and fellow local artists for their lovely artwork and generosity.

Kind regards,

Tresillian Arts Centre



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