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David Conlin

Watercolour and Pastel

Dave was born in the UK, in the heavy industrial town of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. At a very early age it was clear that Dave had a gift and passion for art and he drew everyday while dreaming of becoming an artist. However at only 15 yrs of age Dave was dissuaded from becoming an artist and directed instead into the local engineering industry, He had an extremely varied and interesting career in Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals, which involved travelling the World. In 1988 Dave and his family emigrated to Perth, Western Australia. In 2008 Dave’s wife Sandra pushed him to start painting and as soon as he walked into the art room his passion for art was reignited. In 2012, he started painting in watercolours and fell in love with this most challenging but rewarding of mediums. Dave soon realised this was what he truly loved, so he quit engineering and art is now his life. Dave’s subject matter is eclectic and he paints busy, dynamic outdoor scenes with plenty of action, interest, people, boats, water, cafe scenes, colour, monotone, sea and country landscapes. Dave works with all the art medias but paints mostly watercolours and pastels. He loves nothing better than to sit with a coffee or a beer and people watch, doing quick sketches of people sitting or walking by. Dave has travelled extensively to study and paint with his favourite Internationally renowned artists and whilst admiring their skills and techniques has ensured to develop his own unique style.

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