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Suba Bala


Suba Bala is an artist and educator based in Western Australia, with a background in Fine Arts and Contemporary Art Practice. With over 20 years of experience, she has contributed to arts communities in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Western Australia. Suba is passionate about cross-cultural integration and sharing her expertise with the younger generation. She has delivered children’s workshops at Fremantle Arts Centre and Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle. She specialises in watercolours and enjoys sketch booking and Plein air painting, finding inspiration in nature. Trained in Indian classical music, she brings a unique perspective to her artistic endeavours. Known for her versatility, she has conceptualised and led various artistic projects, including visual design, set development, music presentations, workshops, and curation. Suba Bala's commitment to creativity, education, and cultural exchange continues to drive her artistic journey and impact the communities she engages with.

T2 Watercolour Landscapes

T2 Watercolour Landscapes

Please note $10 material fee is NOT included in the course cost.

Learn how to use watercolours to create a landsca...

T2 Watercolour Landscapes

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