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Annemieke Mulders


Annemieke Mulders is a ceramic artist whose current passion is to use discarded plaster moulds to make new forms trough deconstruction and reassembly. The discarded vessels are changed by cutting, rearranging or breaking part of its surface. This way she aims to understand the tension between the orderly and the regular on one hand, and the chaotic and the extreme on the other. She seeks to create meaningful sculptural vases and vessels by combining both.

For her tableware she develops glazes that remain vibrant after the high firing temperature necessary for durable functional ware. Her aim is to create a surface where the layered glazes interact with the carved surface and start to resemble an abstract painting. Her palette is inspired by the amazing coast and outback Australian landscape.

Annemieke regularly exhibits across Australia. Her works were curated as part of the Bunbury Biennale; Manifest at the Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart TAS; Fluid State at Gallery Central, Perth WA; and the National Emerging Art Prize in Sydney NSW.

T3 Ceramics - Slip Casting

T3 Ceramics - Slip Casting

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T3 Ceramics - Slip Casting

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