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Term 2 2021   

 3 May to 25 June 2021

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  • School holiday bookings open 22 March 2021

Tresillian is a vibrant community arts centre that provides recreational courses and activities for adult students.

With four term programs each year, there is a wide variety of courses on offer including arts, languages, handicrafts and wellbeing. A quarterly school holiday program for children and youth provides an opportunity to learn new skills in a fun and creative atmosphere. In 2021, we also have a range of after school art classes, for children aged 5 -17 years.  


Tresillian has a regular exhibition schedule with a featured artist showing each month. In April, artists Peter Campagna and Samitha Patabendige bring us ‘Life in Matilda Bay’. Following this, Caroline Marinovich’s solo exhibition ‘Life’s Illusions’ in May and Myra Staffa’s solo exhibition in June.  


We look forward to welcoming everyone to Term 2 2021 and these three wonderful exhibitions. 

Lisa Macfarlane Reid,



Feature image - The Send Off  Acrylic on Canvas – Caroline Marinovich, studio artist and tutor

Term 2 Cover image - 'The Send off' by C







TERM 2 2021  -  3 May to 25 June 2021



North to South - Angela Davis - Solo Exhibition


Peter Campagna and Samitha Patabendige

Two artists of different generations with roots from different continents show how Matilda Bay creates eternal memories for past, present and future generations. 

Dates: 7 April to 30 April 2021    

Opening event: Sunday 11 April 3 - 5pm


Life's Illusions - Caroline Marinovich 

Opening Event: Friday 7 May 6pm - 8pm

"I was painting and singing Joni Mitchell’s song “Both Sides Now” when asked what the title of my exhibition would be. “Life’s Illusions” suddenly came to mind. 


For this exhibition, I have worked at having a personal theme and as I have painted I have realised that “Both Sides” could be interpreted in so many ways. Some days I am gripped by a colourful style and others I enjoy a more monochromatic harmony.  It could relate to my more realistic side as well as my modern, conceptual side. 


My pictures are “Life’s Illusions” in paint, pastel and pencil. "

Open: Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm

Date:  3rd - 28th May 2021



11 May, 1:00 pm
Tresillian Arts Centre
Taking three concrete examples from each art movement, Professor Read illustrates the retreat from illusionistic painting, familiar to us since the Italian Renaissance. One of the dilemmas to be discussed is whether the path to abstract art is fundamentally materialistic or transcendental.

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Deep inThought

LIFE’S ILLUSIONS 3 – 28 May 2021 Caroline Marinovich